#noplaceforlitter Keynsham and surrounding villages

At #NoPlaceForLitter we like to think big and even though currently, we are a fairly local project we hope that by continuing to collaborate and support others and by creating a debate that in time we will be a national project.  If you would like to join or create a #NoPFL local group then please get in touch and we will do our best to help and support you.

#NoPlaceForLitter Keynsham and surrounding area

Networking and sharing experiences is a hugely important part of #NoPFL.  With this in mind, we joined together with existing litter picking groups in the villages surrounding our town.  We communicate using a Facebook closed group (#NoPlaceForLitter Keynsham and Surrounding Area) and via email.  This enables us to share project ideas, equipment and events.  It helps us to tackle major roads such as the A4 which goes through three of our litter picking groups, so we know where different teams are starting and finishing, we have also been able to take advantage of road closures, helping each other out in places we wouldn’t otherwise have been safely able to get to.  Knowing each other as groups has also brought benefits such as discussing different problems and working out collectively how to solve them.


Photograph credit, Dr Sarah Fox | www.keynshamactionnetwork.co.uk

#NoPlaceForLitter – Bath

I hate thinking it’s only going to take one downpour before all our plastic waste is washed into The River Avon and out to sea.  Fortunately, just as I was becoming alarmed about this prospect I came across an article in BANES Together magazine (was Council Connect) in which Erica Davies explained about #NoPFL.  I got in touch and when we met Erica explained how to start the process of running litter picks, how to get hold of the necessary equipment – which she initiated for me – and most important of all, how to get hold of people, PLUS, who in the Council I should contact.

People being vital to this process, I posted a note on the website NextDoor saying I was organising a pick.  Not only did I find a lot of interest in the subject, but was also able to recruit volunteers. Two key people from both the Universities here in Bath also got in touch, which was a great bonus.  Alongside these people are a great number of volunteers already cleaning the parks – Hedgemead and Sydney Gardens being the closest to me – and some Parish Councils. All these people are vital to the process of keeping our area clear of litter.

The boundary between Walcot Parish and the City of Bath seems to fall outside the litter picking services of the Council, but does not come within the remit of park volunteers. Yet we are so close to the River Avon and the City centre, areas both visited by tourists, that I could not believe that the challenge was not being addressed.

Now, having done just that – and it’s only one pick so far with another in the pipeline – I have to say it isn’t difficult; and,  having received a small concession from Waitrose I’m on the point of trying to recruit other shops and offices to the cause. It’s easy and I’ll happily share my work with anyone from NextDoor, or any other network who would also like to take a leading role!

Andrew, founder of #NoPlaceforLitter, Bath

Bath & North East Somerset – Looking for Volunteers

As is the case over so much of our country, B&NES’ waste team have had to make cuts to the services they offer. The team at B&NES didn’t want this to result in a reduction of services to the many amazing volunteers who help with litter picking in our area. So following a conversation with Erica at #NoPFL, we decided to do what we can to support volunteers by giving out equipment, advice and support to volunteer litter pickers who quite possibly haven’t previously tried to organise this kind of litter picking event in their community.

If you are actively litter picking in the B&NES area, or are interested in starting, please get in touch – we will be happy to offer advice and support. We have equipment we can lend for specific one off events, but unfortunately at the moment we don’t have equipment for volunteers to keep.

We are very keen to build our knowledge of areas already covered by volunteer litter pickers in our area, plus #NoPlaceForLitter are seeking individuals and groups to serve as a contact point for litter picking activities in or around the Radstock and Chew Valley areas, using equipment donated by the Council.  Contact Erica 0771 3417974 or womble@transitionkeynsham.org

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